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2019/20 disastrous year for Garda Dop

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We publish the press release which was issued following the difficult year of Garda Dop.

The 2019/20 olive oil campaign in fact recorded a -90 / 95% of production. Our company, unlike many others, still managed to produce and certify Dop. The quantities unfortunately follow the percentages of the whole Garda area.

We support the request for the state of natural disaster of the Garda Dop Oil Consortium


Marchese di Canossa – Fondo Brè

Veronese olives and Garda Dop: a disaster

Confagricoltura speaks of a bad year

Collapse of production up to 80 percent and estimated losses of around 10 million euros. For the Verona area, the 2019 harvest closes with a strongly negative balance due to an adverse weather, which hit the plants in full bloom. After an excellent 2018, crowned by an abundant production (220,000 quintals of olives in Veneto), this year many olive growers will not even put the nets on the ground for harvesting, because the product is very little. “It was cold when it had to be hot and hot when it was cold – underlines Alessandra Di Canossa, vice president of the olive growers sector of Confagricoltura Verona -. The very rainy and cold month of May heavily interfered in the flowering, as the olive blossom is very delicate and needs a good climate to develop. A significant rise in temperature followed from June, which further aggravated the situation. To all this was added the olive fly and finally also the Asian bug ”. Even the Garda area is not saved, although the climate is usually milder

Linea Verde at Fondo Brè

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Garda and in particular our Fondo Brè had the pleasure of hosting the Rai Uno “Linea Verde” broadcast.

Here is the video, the magnificent shots of our olive grove and the interview with Laura Turri, chairman of the Consorzio Olio Garda Dop and Alessandra di Canossa. Enjoy!


Garda: poesia di un Lago – L'olio Garda DOP a Linea Verde su Rai Uno

Ecco l'Olio Garda DOP a Linea Verde – RaiUno 💚Una puntata dedicata alle bontà e bellezze del nostro LagoPer rivedere la puntata intera:

Pubblicato da Consorzio Olio Garda DOP su Martedì 13 novembre 2018

Dop Garda 2017/18 – The new olive oil campaign is on sale

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Dop Garda 2017/18 – The new olive oil campaign is on sale!

Our extra virgin olive oil DOP Marchese di Canossa was packaged on February 28th, after having vey well passed all the CSQA analysis for certification.
It is a D.o.p. Eastern Garda exclusively produced in our olive groves owned in Garda and Torri del Benaco, on the Verona side of Lake Garda. Already winner of the Verona Olive Oil Contest 2018, you will also find us at the Sol & Agrifood in Verona.
Lightly fruity, with delicate spicy notes and a typical almond aftertaste, the DOP Marchese di Canossa has a very low percentage of oleic acid: 0.14 (organoleptic analysis by CSQA) – for comparison, theDop Garda consortium admits a maximum acidity of 0.5, while to be defined extra virgin, an olive oil must have a maximum acidity of 0.8.
With a gentle taste, it combines perfectly with many preparations, even raw.
Perfect on fish dishes, pinzimonio, meat carpaccio and vegetables both cooked and raw; it is also ideal for preparing desserts, accompanying tasty delicatessen dishes and ice cream.
For mothers and fathers: the Garda Dop, thanks to its delicacy, is also ideal for the preparation of children’s dishes, starting from the very beginning of weaning!
Also available with a Gift Box or 3 liter can for home consumption … we are waiting for you!